Program Description

How To Participate: Lagniappe Lunch has developed a website,, that will allow you to create an account for lunch ordering. The information needed will be the child's name, campus and grade level. Once your account is created you will be able to order directly from the website. Each day you will have the opportunity to choose from three restaurants daily with multiple options from each restaurant.

How To Order: After you log into the site you will have the opportunity to choose one meal per day. The site will not allow you to choose multiple meals daily. If you wish to order multiple meals you must place a second order. You will have the opportunity to pre-order your meals for an entire month in advance. You may also choose to order your meals daily up until 5pm the night before. After 5pm the night before the site will not accept meals for the next day.

Methods of Payment: Payments by check will be accepted for only students who wish to pay in advance for the entire semester. Paying in advance for the semester allows you to order one meal daily. This semester payment option has been discounted compared to paying daily. Your check can be dropped off at any campus, attention Lagniappe Lunch or mailed to 709 W Bonaire Dr. Lafayette, La. Checks should be made out to Lagniappe Lunch. Online payments can be made by credit card at the Lagniappe Lunch website for daily orders. You may pay at the time of each order or deposit money into your account to be used for purchases throughout the semester. Your student is not obligated to order at anytime, however, once the order has been received at 5pm the night before there will be no refunds. You will have the opportunity to change or delete orders up until 5pm. All refunds will be credited back to your account.

Lunches: Included with each lunch will be a fruit option and bottled water. Your student's lunch will be labeled specifically for them. If you forget to order, your student will be able to purchase a sandwich, chips, fruit, and drink. You will be emailed that evening notifying you of the added charge to your account. If you have not set up an account or the account remains with a negative balance the student will not be served in the future.